Technical management

Anyone operating a solar power plant must run tests continually:  is it still performing? Or is there scope for optimisation? Are there unidentified faults – and if yes, how can these be remedied as quickly as possible? Our technical management team provide comprehensive support in this area – from the modules and inverters to the supply point.

Thanks to our know-how we can protect you effectively from loss of revenue. Our experts have the best training and use modern equipment: for 24-hour remote monitoring and for planned servicing and troubleshooting. The goal is always to exploit the potential of your plant to the full. In addition, we can also supply performance measurements and certificates, e.g. as the basis of a sale.

Our fast action protects you from expensive downtime. For this reason, we have established a dense network of locations over the years. This means we can provide a local service across Germany, but also in southern Europe – in Italy and Portugal.

Our services at a glance:

  • 24 hours remote monitoring
  • Data acquisition & analysis
  • Inspection / fault rectification
  • Scheduled maintenance and repair work
  • Optimisation of installation engineering
  • Reports
  • Thermography
  • Line measurement
  • 30 kV switching authorisation

Commercial management

Do you want to exploit your solar harvest to the full? Our experts can provide you with complete support in commercial management, particularly with financial accounting and fund management.


Locations photovoltaics

The focus of our business is in Germany. We are represented here by an extensive network of locations and look after both wind turbines and solar parcs. We do, however, also have  local presence in southern Europe.


Service for transformers

The importance of servicing transformer stations is often underestimated. Yet it's easy to endanger an optimum power supply from wind turbines and solar plants – e.g. through defective insulation or heavy contaminant build-up.