Servicing transformer stations

The importance of servicing transformer stations is often underestimated. Yet it's easy to endanger an optimum power supply from wind turbines and solar plants – e.g. through defective insulation or heavy contaminant build-up.
We have devised a service concept that safeguards the functional capability of transformers in the long-term: through regular and preventative servicing, which is governed by specific local factors and the legal requirements (DGUV/V3).

Whether testing, servicing or maintenance – our service specialists have the right training and are certified for the work required (30 kV switching authorisation). If defective components need to be replaced we can organise this across Germany by the fastest means possible from our central warehouse.

Our services at a glance:

  • Inspecting grid protection relays
  • Maintenance
    - Checking the switchboard rooms
    - Cleaning the entire station
    - Re-lubricating mechanical parts
    - Checking the insulating oil
  • Repair and replacement of faulty components
  • Thermography
  • Spare parts service
    - Database-based spare parts strategy with own warehouse
  • Planning and retrofitting of the protective system
  • Documentation

Technical management

Every hour of downtime costs money. That's why we are there for you day and night. Remote monitoring ensures we always have your operating data at our fingertips and facilitates seamless documentation and evaluation.


Maintenance & repair

Our service is as flexible as the wishes and needs of our customers are variable. We offer you fully individual services, which are perfectly tailored to your wind farm.


Service for frequency converters

Converter errors are one of the most common reasons for wind turbine disruption. We work hard to remedy failures in these components quickly and to avoid them altogether whenever possible.