Anyone wanting to exploit new technology to the full should consider repowering. This is because modern turbines achieve a much better performance than first generation systems. This translates into higher profits – with fewer turbines required overall.

We can create a coherent complete solution for you, covering all technical and commercial aspects. Because that's the only thing that makes sense. We provide you with support across Europe: from planning through dismantling and installation of a new turbine to reconstruction of the old turbine at a new location.

We also create an upcurrent on the commercial side: Our experts can advise you on the entire financing and business planning process. To ensure your repowering is doubly profitable, we can also handle the full sale of your old turbine on request.

Our technical services at a glance:

  • Consultation and planning of modernising the wind park
  • Value-preserving dismantling
  • Removing
    - foundations, transformer stations / substations,
    - cables, sections, access roads
  • Transporting to the new site / temporary storage
  •  Overhauling individual components or the complete turbine
  • Re-construction of the old turbine at the new site

Our commercial services at a glance:

  • Financial consultation and business planning
  • Selling the old turbines

Maintenance & repair

Our service is as flexible as the wishes and needs of our customers are variable. We offer you fully individual services, which are perfectly tailored to your wind farm.


Technical management

Every hour of downtime costs money. That's why we are there for you day and night. Remote monitoring ensures we always have your operating data at our fingertips and facilitates seamless documentation and evaluation.


Large components

Our service teams are deployed across Europe to replace large components - rotor blades, gear mechanisms, main bearings and generators. We are very experienced at moving extreme loads and have saved many operators a lot of money.