psm launches own customer portal

The new portal allows the customer to follow operational planning live, so that in the event of a fault, he can directly see when and what responsive measures his psm service provider has implemented. The portal will also display real-time service assignments in the future too. Thus psm meets the challenge of maximum transparency vis-à-vis its contract partners. 

As an additional bonus, customers also have detailed and chronological documentation of all technical work performed. This means he receives the service reports extremely quickly and has all immediate and long-term information on his wind turbine. Specific wind farm queries are also possible via the customer tool.

“We are pleased our customers are able to benefit both from a maintenance history file as well as from the scheduled assignments, e.g. being able to integrate in-service maintenance into their own schedule management systems – a fact that is gaining importance with regard to the issue of direct marketing”, says Torsten Stoll, one of the two managing directors of the company.

This new tool is interesting for all customers who have technical service agreements with psm for wind turbines, regardless of whether it is a maintenance contract, supplementary services such as videoscopy and transformer maintenance or services from technical operations management.

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