Gear endoscopy

psm has the perspective. Because we rely on the latest method to inspect gear mechanisms: endoscopy. This provides an immediate glimpse into the heart of a turbine – especially at parts that are not visible from the outside, such as the bearings and the gear toothing.

Gear endoscopies are ideal for regular servicing, but also when there is a suspicion of a specific fault. In both cases our experienced engineers are able to identify the cause of errors promptly and, thus, prevent extended periods of downtime for your turbines.

Major advantage: The equipment we use enables images to be sent to third parties in real-time. This means the decision-makers have all the relevant information at their disposal and can act immediately – for example, to initiate a replacement.

Our services at a glance:

  • Using the latest technology: Everest XLG3
  • Visual inspection of gear components which are not visible from outside
  • Sending the images to third parties in real-time
  • Documentation

Technical management

Every hour of downtime costs money. That's why we are there for you day and night. Remote monitoring ensures we always have your operating data at our fingertips and facilitates seamless documentation and evaluation.


Maintenance & repair

Our service is as flexible as the wishes and needs of our customers are variable. We offer you fully individual services, which are perfectly tailored to your wind farm.


Large components

Our service teams are deployed across Europe to replace large components - rotor blades, gear mechanisms, main bearings and generators. We are very experienced at moving extreme loads and have saved many operators a lot of money.