Commercial management

psm can provide you with complete support in the commercial management of wind turbines, especially with financial accounting and fund management. Our staff are adept at dealing with business partners and figures. They are entrepreneurial – and do everything to ensure your wind harvest all pays off financially.
Our services include full contract management and controlling in addition to financial accounting; we also monitor profitability and, thus, lay the groundwork for optimum liquidity. Our expertise is also in demand in the field of direct energy marketing: We ensure that you benefit to the full from new opportunities on the market. Another plus point: our detailed reporting to investors. We provide transparent reports on all relevant facts and figures – important decision-making information for investors and creditors.

Thanks to previous experience with banks and accountancy firms, our staff have precisely the knowledge they need to negotiate with insurance companies or other business partners. And above all they cooperate closely with our technical management team. For your success right down the line.

Our services at a glance:

  • Contract management & controlling
  • Monitoring the efficiency
  • Optimising the liquidity and payment transactions
  • Supporting investors
  • Insurance concepts
  • Transparent and comprehensive information system
  • Direct selling of the electricity that is generated
  • Posting the business transactions/preparing the annual financial statements

Technical management

Every hour of downtime costs money. That's why we are there for you day and night. Remote monitoring ensures we always have your operating data at our fingertips and facilitates seamless documentation and evaluation.


Maintenance & repair

Our service is as flexible as the wishes and needs of our customers are variable. We offer you fully individual services, which are perfectly tailored to your wind farm.



Perhaps you want to increase the returns from your existing turbines or want to do everything right from the start in financial terms when founding a new operating company?